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Will my idea be executed or go into development?

Not all ideas posted or supported in the Evolution Lab will go into development. The different stages of an idea are explained below.

An idea undergoes six different status changes:
  • Open
  • Under Review
  • Planned
  • Started
  • Closed
  • Declined

What is the process?

When an idea is created or posted it gets an Open status. If the idea gets a good response and support through user votes, comments, and discussions, the idea is reviewed and evaluated by the IXIASOFT product committee. The status of an idea then changes to Under Review. The idea should contribute to enhancing the performance of the DITA CMS. If the product committee determines that the idea is compelling and technically feasible or obtainable, it is approved for development.

The status changes to Planned when the approved idea is under plan and is placed on the road map with an obtainable delivery version. Once the actual process of development of the idea begins, the status changes to Started. When the idea is successfully executed or completed the status changes to Closed. At this point the votes are returned back to each user.

An idea is Declined by the product committee if the suggested idea is not technically feasible, or if it does not contribute to the enhancement of IXIASOFT DITA CMS. Votes are returned back when an idea is Declined.

Note: IXIASOFT is not obligated to develop any of the ideas that are posted and voted for in the Evolution Lab.


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