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Posting Guidelines

The IXIASOFT Evolution Lab is a place where ideas can turn into reality. We expect the Evolution Lab to be a safe and open environment for everyone.

The Community Guidelines were created to help foster and protect the incredible DITA CMS community. By using the Evolution Lab, you agree to abide by these guidelines and our Terms of Use . We are committed to these guidelines and we hope you are too. Failure to abide by these guidelines may result in your account being disabled.

Rules for posting your ideas

Posts must be about topics related to new feature enhancements for the IXIASOFT DITA CMS only. Posts must be easy for others to read. They should not contain URLs. The Evolution Lab is organized by categories, so please choose the appropriate category when you post your idea.

Note: All issues related to troubleshooting or bug reporting should be sent to IXIASOFT Customer Support.

Foster meaningful and genuine interactions

Help us stay spam-free by not posting repetitive ideas and comments. Do not post deceptive or fraudulent links or attachments in your posts. Accounts with unsafe and harmful attachments or links will be deleted. Be patient while you wait to receive votes or support for your ideas. Do not contact other users or push them to vote for your idea.

Respect other members of the Evolution Lab community

We want to foster a positive, diverse, and engaging community. We will remove content that contains hate speech, content that targets individuals to shame or degrade them, and unwanted repeated comments.

Maintain a supportive environment

We encourage a healthy dialogue and exchange of ideas between DITA CMS users. Be considerate of other users and do not criticize their ideas or suggestions. Help us grow this community. We appreciate your participation, but please be constructive.

Be thoughtful while posting your comments or discussions

We understand your passion to share your thoughts or respond to the ideas posted in the Evolution Lab. Please be kind and respectful with your comments. Do not use abusive or shaming language while giving your opinion about the ideas. Any kind of abuse will not be tolerated and could lead to termination of your account.


All ideas and suggestions posted in the Evolution Lab are the property of IXIASOFT. We are not liable to any person or company for ideas that are implemented by IXIASOFT.

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